April 1, 2011 

 St. Catharines Mayor Applauds Give Where You Live Initiative  

More than three hundred students across the District School Board of Niagara gave their time and effort to make a difference in their communities through the “Give Where You Live Niagara” initiative. The project matched up students with local, non-profit agencies that they wished to support. Over the past few months, students volunteered their time working for their chosen organization. On Friday, April 1, students and staff received such much-appreciated words of thanks from Brian McMullan, Mayor of St. Catharines.

At the Folk Arts Centre for a funding announcement by St. Catharines MPP Jim Bradley, Mayor McMullan told the group of residents and students that their volunteer work is so important to the community. “You’re changing the lives of people in our community by the work you’re doing,” Mayor McMullan said to students. “I’m sure that your efforts are also changing and impacting your life as well.”

“You’re making the community a better place in which to live,” he added.

Students from Brock University and Niagara College joined with DSBN students to work on projects with more than 25 local organizations.

DSBN Vice-Chair Dale Robinson, along with fellow Trustees Dalton Clark and Ed Fulford also attended the morning event and echoed their enthusiasm for the work being done by both students and staff.