May 30, 2011                                                                                       

DSBN Students Inspire Change  

DSBN Students spend four years in high school, and have many great ideas about how to make the experience as memorable and rewarding as possible. Recently, students from three different schools were honoured for promoting positive change through their creative and insightful videos.

Each year, the Student Trustee Senate challenges students to look at their schools and communities as they are, and imagine what they could be. The See the Change student video contest helps empower students to inspire others and create change that benefits students and their surrounding communities.

This year’s contest saw student submit seven unique and astute videos that covered topics ranging from promoting positive self-image, improving school spirit and supporting important community initiatives.

This year’s winning entry “There’s a Light in You” was submitted by students at E.L. Crossley in Fonthill. “Be a Friend, Be the Change” by Sir Winston Churchill students earned second place and Grimsby Secondary’s “Relay for Life” was awarded third place. “The judges were very impressed by all the videos. The quality of these productions demonstrates that DSBN students are leaders, within their own schools and in the community,” says superintendent Cam Hathaway.

The winning team will receive $1,000, with $500 going to the team and the remainder being awarded to support a school initiative.

See all the videos on the DSBN's YouTube channel.  

See the Change: 2011 Winning Entries  


There's a Light in You by E.L. Crossley students Brooke Raven and Danielle Turner


"Be a Friend, Be the Change" by Blake Hannahson and Zachary Tait


"Relay for Life at Grimsby Secondary School" by Akhil Kantipuly