June 23, 2011                                                                                       

  EcoSchools Flourishing Across DSBN

DSBN schools are earning gold, silver and bronze for their dedicated efforts to go green. This year, 31 schools became certified EcoSchools.   

Ontario EcoSchools is an environmental education program for grades 1-12 that helps students develop ecological literacy while engaged in practices to become environmentally responsible citizens. To qualify as EcoSchools, schools must meet certain criteria in the areas of, teamwork and leadership, waste management, energy conservation, school ground greening, curriculum and ecological literacy.

DSBN Science and Environmental Education Consultant Sean Hanna is pleased with the results and looks forward to seeing the program continue to grow in schools across the Board. “Our students are a driving force behind the movement towards sustainability. By conserving energy, reducing waste and greening their schoolyards, students have demonstrated their commitment to responsible lifestyle choices that will have long-term benefits for them and their communities,” says Hanna.

To earn and maintain their EcoSchool status, students and schools participated in activities such as:

  • Composting programs
  • Energy conservation programs (ex - sweater day in the winter)
  • Waste reduction and waste management programs (ex - litterless lunches, bottled water free day)
  • School ground greening
  • Environmentally themed projects and lessons connected to the curriculum
  • Earth Hour and Earth Day festivities

 “This is an issue that really resonates with students, and our schools are very pleased to support their efforts. The movement towards sustainability presents many teaching opportunities as environmental education has connections to all other areas of the curriculum. We look forward to seeing this culture of conservation continue to grow in the DSBN,” adds Hanna.

2010-11 DSBN EcoSchools

Elementary Gold: 

Central Public School

Colonel John Butler Public School

Connaught Public School

Parliament Oak Public School

Prince of Wales Public School (St. Catharines)

Quaker Road Public School

Sheridan Park Public School

Victoria Public School

Virgil Public School

Secondary Gold: 

E.L. Crossley Secondary School

Kernahan Park Secondary School

Ridgeway-Crystal Beach High School

South Lincoln High School

Stamford Collegiate

Elementary Silver: 

Applewood Public School

Dalewood Public School

Glynn A. Green Public School

Oakridge Public School

Oakwood Public School

Parnall Public School

Ridgeway Public School

Smith Public School

St. Davids Public School

Winger Public School

Woodland Public School

Secondary Silver: 

Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School

Westlane Secondary School

Elementary Bronze: 

Caistor Central Public School

Empire Public School

Fort Erie Elementary

Gainsborough Public School