November 14, 2011

DSBN Recognizes Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week 

There are eight distinct character traits that students at the District School Board of Niagara aspire to demonstrate each and every day; respect, responsibility, integrity, caring, optimism, perseverance, courage and cooperation.

That list leaves no room for bullies or bullying.

From November 14-18, students and schools across the DSBN are encouraged to demonstrate their commitment to fostering safe and supportive school communities during Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week.   

The District School Board of Niagara does not tolerate bullying, whether it happens in-class, off school property, or online. At the DSBN, all students and staff believe that everyone has the right to be respected, and the responsibility to respect others.

Educating students about bullying, how to recognize it, and how to stop it, is an important emphasis at DSBN schools. Through numerous anti-bullying initiatives that take place throughout the year, students learn about the powerful role they have to play in putting an end to bullying. Each school has a Safe Schools Team in place to promote an inclusive and supportive learning environment.

Schools also promote positive, healthy behaviours through character education.  Character education helps students to become positive, productive members of society by modeling attitudes and behaviours that support the well-being of others.

As evidence of their leadership in the effort to eradicate bullying and create positive learning environments for students, two DSBN schools were honoured by the province for their work.  In 2010-2011 both Grimsby and Eastdale Secondary Schools were named recipients of the Premier’s Safe Schools Award. The award celebrates schools that have demonstrated initiative, creativity and leadership in promoting a safe and inclusive school climate. Learn more about the awards here: 

For more information about the DSBN’s commitment to safe schools, please see:

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