November 21, 2011                                                                                          

Burleigh Hill Students Deck the (City) Halls 


Students from Burleigh Hill Public School will help may holidays a little more festive for residents of St. Catharines. On Tuesday, November 29, a group of ten young artists from the school will arrive at City Hall with their paints and brushes in hand, ready to brighten up the building with some beautiful holiday paintings.

“We have a group of wonderfully talented and creative students at our school,” says Garry Vanden Beukel, Principal. “They are thrilled to have this opportunity to share their art with the community and I am sure their work will help to brighten the area and put people into a festive mood.”

For the past quarter-century, students have been invited to mark the season by painting holiday images on the windows of City Hall and the Lake Street Service Centre. For providing this year’s student artists, Burleigh Hill Public School will receive a $300 honorarium.

Event Details:

Date: Tuesday, November 29

Time: 8:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Location: St. Catharines City Hall, 50 Church Street