January 10, 2012                        

DSBN High Schools Hold Open Houses for Grade 8 Students  

During the week of January 16-19, DSBN high schools will be opening their doors to students and their families across Niagara. The “Your Future is Here” open houses are for Grade 8 students and their families who are interested in learning more about high school and how a public education can help students become successful.

“What programs, sports and clubs do schools have that match my interests? What’s life in high school like? Which school is right for me? These are all questions that students and parents may have about the coming year,” says John Stainsby, Superintendent of Secondary Schools. “One of the best ways to answer those questions is by visiting our open houses. Students and their families will be able to tour the school, meet the staff, talk to current secondary students and experience the range of different programs offered.”

“We are pleased to invite the community to attend our open houses to see the programs, supports and accommodations the DSBN has in place to help all students achieve success,” says Warren Hoshizaki, DSBN Director of Education.

All 20 DSBN high schools will be holding open houses. For a full listing of dates and times, please visit dsbn.org/yourfuture. Using the School Locator feature, students can find the open houses closest to them.

To learn more about what students and families can expect at the DSBN High School Open Houses, listen as Port Colborne Principal Nigel Evans chats with 610 CKTB morning host Tim Denis.

In this video, DSBN elementary student talk about the characteristics they want to further develop in high school.