April 27, 2012                                                                                         

Student Trustee Wins Loran Award

Evan Vassallo with Director Warren HoshizakiDSBN Student Trustee Evan Vassallo is one in a million. The Sir Winston Churchill student was recently named a recipient of the prestigious Loran Scholarship, an award given to just 30 students across Canada. The Loran Award recognizes outstanding young people by covering the cost of their post-secondary tuition at the Canadian Merit Scholarship Foundation’s (CMSF) partner universities.  

To qualify for a Loran Award, a student must excel academically, display strong character and give back to their community. “Check, check and check,” smiled Marc Blouin, Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School Principal.  

“Evan is an outstanding student and maintains a 95% average, but it’s all the other qualities he has that can’t be measured by a transcript which make him so deserving of this award,” added Blouin.  

Along with fellow Student Trustee Joelle Schonberg, Evan represents the viewpoints, concerns and constructive suggestions of more than 13 thousand high school students in Niagara. Recently, Evan and Joelle spearheaded the 2012 DSBN Student Survey which polled student opinions on a range of educational topics including everything from extra-curricular activities to healthy food in cafeterias. Over 4,000 students completed the survey.  

“As a Board we are committed to helping all students achieve success. Evan makes an invaluable contribution towards that goal, and his viewpoints are well respected around the Board table,” said Kevin Maves, Chair of the Board.  

In addition to his work as a Student Trustee, Evan is a contributing member of the City of St. Catharines Mayor’s Youth Advisory Committee. He also contributes to his community by volunteering at numerous local food bank and cancer fundraisers.  

At the Board meeting on April 10, Chair Maves and Director of Education Warren Hoshizaki recognized Evan for his accomplishments.  “Evan is a great ambassador for both his school and the District School Board of Niagara. We are all very proud of him and wish him the best as he pursues all his future goals with the same commitment and enthusiasm he has shown here at the DSBN,” said Hoshizaki.