May 4, 2012                                                                                      

Join the Student Symphony on Music Monday

On Monday, May 7, students across the District School Board of Niagara will come together to demonstrate their love of music and the impact it has on their education at the annual Music Monday concert.

Music Monday began as an initiative of the Coalition for Music Education in Canada to celebrate the importance of music in our lives and our schools. Last year, more than 650,000 students across Canada joined voices to perform the same piece of music on the same day. This year, students will sing or perform “Tomorrow is Coming” by Canadian artist Luke Doucet.

This year, over 240 high school students from across Niagara will gather at Beamsville District Secondary School for one mass band get-together to commemorate the occasion. Students from A.N. Myer, Beamsville, Eden, E.L. Crossley, Port Colborne, Stamford, Sir Winston Churchill and St. Catharines Collegiate will join together for one large musical event at 11:45 a.m.

Elementary public schools also have several events planned, which can be found on the Music Monday website at

“Music education has a tremendous impact on students,” explains Gerda Klassen, DSBN Arts Consultant. “There are numerous studies that show that students involved in music programs are better in languages, learn to read more easily, are stronger in numeracy, and develop strong independent thinking skills. They also tend to show a high level of enjoyment in school. Beyond that, music education encourages, teaches and supports creativity in our students.”