June 7, 2012                                                                                          

Graduating Students Showcase Artwork

With the school year quickly coming to a close, graduating high school students at the District School Board of Niagara are coming together for one final celebration of the arts. Until June 14, the Education Centre in St. Catharines will be home to the 2012 Graduate Art Show, featuring student works such as paintings, photos, sculptures and more. This year’s exhibition features more than 60 pieces of art. 

 “Graduating high school is a very significant event in a student’s life. It is also a time when students are considering the different directions in which their lives make take; either to post-secondary education or the world of work. Major life changes such as this have a profound effect on the way we view the world and that influence is often expressed through art,” says Gerda Klassen, DSBN Arts Consultant. 

The exhibition, which showcases the best pieces done by talented graduating secondary school students from across the DSBN, was adjudicated by Peter Vietgen, professor of Visual Art at the Faculty of Education, Brock University and Marcie Bronson the Curator of Art at Rodman Hall.  

The following students and their artwork are being recognized: 

Best in Show: Allison Scholtens, Self Portrait, Mixed Media, Laura Secord Secondary 

Sculpture: Spencer Deaves, Carousel of Regress, found objects, E.L. Crossley Secondary 

Painting: Aisha Bolus, Chug, acrylic on canvas, Stamford Collegiate 

Photography: Andrew Schaefer, Late Winter Night, Laura Secord Secondary 

Drawing: Jake Crossley, Apple Core, graphite on Nutex, West Park Secondary 

Mixed Media: Alicia Belushak-Buke, Breakable, A.N. Myer Secondary 

The show is also a chance for visitors to add to their art collections as students are able to place their art for sale if they wish.  

Visitors are encouraged to attend the free show from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. The Education Centre is located at 191 Carlton Street in St. Catharines.  

Best In Show 2012 

Allison Scholtens' Self Portrait, awarded Best in Show