October 24, 2012 

DSBN Celebrates Early Childhood Educator Day 

ECE Appreciation DayTo a parent, there is perhaps nothing more gratifying than to see their children grow and develop into happy, confident and successful boys and girls.  

At the DSBN, our dedicated staff work hard to foster that type of growth in a caring environment that helps to foster our students’ unique skills and abilities. For so many of the Board's youngest students, that kind of support takes place inside the Full Day Early Learning Kindergarten classrooms. These innovative programs are delivered by teachers who work closely alongside Early Childhood Educators.  

At their meeting on October 9, the DSBN Board of Trustees voted to celebrate the important contributions of the DSBN's team of dedicated ECEs by designating October 24 as Early Childhood Educator Appreciation day.  

"A child’s early years are absolutely crucial to their future health, well-being and positive growth," says DSBN Director of Education Warren Hoshizaki. "Inside today’s classrooms you will find tomorrow’s leaders. These students will one day be caring for us as doctors, leading us as elected officials, building the homes we live in and educating our grandchildren. The support and guidance they receive from our ECEs will help them become successful in school and start them on the right path to developing the traits that will allow them to achieve their dreams." 

"We wish to thank all of our ECEs for all their expertise, passion and commitment to supporting student learning," adds Hoshizaki.