December 4, 2012 

Gangnam Style Video Could Net Crossley Students More Science Stuff

Students at E.L. Crossley Secondary School are in the race to win $30,000 worth of interactive technology for their science department. The Flip Your Classroom Makeover contest challenged students to create a brief video to explain how they would use new learning technology in their classrooms.

The inspiration for Crossley’s video came from "Gangnam Style", created by Korean entertainer Psy. "It’s the most popular song in the world right now and we thought that people would recognize it," says Taylor Wallace, E.L. Crossley student and lead actor in the video.

To advance in the competition, students need to get the support of the public. Voting from the public will determine 40% of their total score. To view and vote for their video click on the following link:

After viewing their video click on the vote button.~ If you do not have a Facebook account, you can still vote.~ Click on the word "Register", fill in your name, country, age, email address and a password, and you will be registered as a voter.