March 4, 2013                                                                              

From the Dragon’s Den to E.L. Crossley 

What does it take to succeed in the Dragon’s Den?

While many business owners have been burned during their pitches, St. Catharines entrepreneurs Joanne Secord and Scott MacRae were able to face down the dragons and walk away with a $150,000 investment in their eco-friendly packing material company. On Tuesday, March 5, the pair will share their insight and expertise with students in the Grade 11 Marketing and Entrepreneurship class at E.L. Crossley Secondary School in Fonthill.

“Starting your own business is a large undertaking that requires a great deal of commitment and knowledge,” says Karen Chcoski, Crossley’s Business Program Leader. “Our students are looking forward to benefiting from Joanne and Scott’s expertise on Tuesday.”

Secord and MacRae’s company, Paper Nuts, is an alternative to plastic and corn based packing material. For more information, please visit

Watch the Paper Nuts pitch on the Dragon's Den by clicking here.

Event Details: 

Date: Tuesday, March 5

Time: 11:40 a.m.

Location: E.L. Crossley Secondary School