April 15, 2013                                                                                       

 DSBN Students to Compete at Canada Wide Science Fair

Nine of Niagara’s budding student scientists will be off to Alberta to take part in the Canada Wide Science Fair next month. The DSBN students earned their tickets to Lethbridge by medaling at the 51st annual Niagara Regional Science and Engineering Fair (NRSEF) which featured over 170 outstanding student projects.

Making the trip to Lethbridge in May are:

  • Lauren Calvert, Sir Winston Churchill Secondary
  • Emily Chemnitz, Sir Winston Churchill Secondary
  • Nicolaas Doyle, Grand Avenue Public School
  • Ben Friesen, Grimsby Secondary
  • Neha Gulati, Lakeview Public School
  • Varsha Jayasankar, Sir Winston Churchill
  • Roman Kozak, Grimsby Secondary
  • Jielin Liu, Sir Winston Churchill
  • William Preston, Beamsville District Secondary

NRSEF Co-Chair Brad Digweed said the judges were impressed by the “exceptional depth and quality of projects from grades 5 through 12.” 

DSBN Science and Environmental Consultant Nancy Bridgeman said students’ participation in these events allows them to “demonstrate their keen interest and innovative approach to questions of science. These students all have very bright futures ahead of them.”

The Canada-Wide Science Fair is the country’s largest extra-curricular youth science event. This year’s edition will showcase the talent and efforts of more than 500 students from Grades 7 to 12. The fair runs from May 11 to 18.


DSBN Medalists at the Niagara Regional Science and Engineering Fair held April 5 - 6 

Best in Fair:  Roman Kozak, Grade 10, Grimsby Secondary, “The sign language glove (a human interface device)”.

Gold Medal, Senior: Varsha Jayasankar, Grade 11, Sir Winston Churchill, “CACE II: Identifying Novel Anti-Microbial Compounds in Mango Ginger”

Gold Medal, Intermediate: Roman Kozak, Grade 9, Grimsby Secondary, “The sign language glove (a human interface device)”.

Gold Medal, Junior: Neha Gulati, Lakeview Public School, “The Future of Math Fact Mastery”

Silver Medal, Senior: Jielin Liu, Sir Winston Churchill, “Effects of Language Fluency and Priming Using EEG Analysis”

Silver Medal, Intermediate: William Preston, Beamsville District Secondary, “Nomadic Furniture”

Silver Medal, Junior:  Nicolaas Doyle, Grand Avenue Public School, “Jammed Up! Testing a Universal Jamming Gripper”

Silver Medal, Junior: Lucy He, Oakridge Public School, “Visual Identification of Various Objects Based on Population Characteristics”

Bronze Medal, Senior: Emily Chemnitz, Sir Winston Churchill, “Rat Vocalizations in Social Encounters”

Bronze Medal, Senior: Lauren  Calvert, Sir Winston Churchill, “Interior Layer Deposits in Capri Chasma on Mars”

Bronze Medal, Senior: Luke Climenhage, Sir Winston Churchill, “Multi Unit Controlled Atmosphere Research Machine”

Bronze Medal, Senior: Arlinda Deng, Sir Winston Churchill, “Adventitial NADPH oxidase-4 (NOX4) in Vascular Oxidative Stress”

Bronze Medal, Intermediate: Ben Friesen, Grimsby Secondary, Grade 9, “A System for the Modification of Light in a Greenhouse”

Bronze Medal, Junior: Caleb Hopkins: Grand Avenue Public School, “Propeller Perplexion”

Bronze Medal, Junior: Oliver Wolf, Richmond Street Public School, “Calculation of the Energy Cost of Stop Signs and its Comparison with more Familiar Quantities of Energy, like the Heating of a House or the Energy Production of a Solar Panel”

Bronze Medal, Juvenile: Grapeview Public School, Jenna Coles, “The 'Ripe' Stuff”