May 1, 2013

Laura Secord Honours First Principal 

LS - RenamingWhat’s in a name?

For Laura Secord Secondary School, their newly renamed auditorium conveys a connection to the school’s history and its commitment to serving students. On April 26, the school officially renamed its auditorium in honour of the school’s first principal, James H. Smith.

The renaming ceremony included performances by students in both music and dance programs, who impressed the audience with their skill and professionalism. Florence Smith, wife of the late James Smith, also addressed the crowd and told the assembled students that they should relish their high school years.

“This is where it all begins,” Mrs. Smith said. “This is where you begin down the path to success.”

After speaking, Mrs. Smith led the crowd in a cheer for the school that she and her late husband loved so much.

Laura Secord originally opened under James Smith’s guidance in 1966. Long after his retirement, James Smith remained connected to the school. Each year he returned to the school to hand out the James H. Smith Staff Award during commencement exercises. In addition, two of his children, his two sons-in-law, two of his grandchildren and now two of his great grandchildren all attended Laura Secord.

The event was well attended by members of the Smith family, the community, DSBN Trustees Dalton Clark and Alex Bradnam and St. Catharines MPP Jim Bradley.  

LS - Renaming 2