Lifelong Learning on Display at PCHS 


Stephen and John Miklosik never forgot their parents’ guidance.  

“They always stressed how important it was to stay in school and get a good education,” said Stephen. 

The brothers followed that advice and went on to successful careers in medicine and media. Now, in their 80s, the pair are supporting the education of the next generation of students at their alma mater, Port Colborne High School.  

The Miklosik’s made what they called a “modest” donation of $28,000 to PCHS to support adding new learning technology to the school. Guidance Head Barclay Walker said the school put the money to good use, adding five new Smart Boards, projectors and iPad Minis.  

Principal Nigel Evans said the school “greatly appreciates the Miklosik’s generosity. Having this kind of support shows what a tremendous community that PCHS has built over the years. Being able to improve our technology will also help support the next generation of student excellence at Port Colborne High School.”  

 Technology Demonstration 

Grade 12 student Allison Benson demonstrates Smart Board technology for the Miklosik's.