Partnership Helps Drive Innovation at iHub

A collaboration between the District School Board of Niagara and Innovate Niagara will provide start-up companies working out of the newly minted iHub in St. Catharines with more support in bringing their products to market.

“The Innovation Hub (iHub) is a place where Canadian educational technology companies are connected directly to students and teachers who provide crucial insight and feedback on products being developed,” says Dino Miele, DSBN Chief Information Officer. “Having the support of Innovate Niagara will give companies access to mentorship and resources to move from product development to commercialization.”

“We feel this partnership will enhance the prospects of long-term success for these businesses,” adds Miele.

Jeff Chesebrough, CEO of Innovate Niagara, says the iHub will “encourage innovative entrepreneurship as a viable career path among youth, and provide a direct link for new business ventures to draw upon the talent and enthusiasm of the emerging generation.”

“The ability for these educational tech companies to develop and validate their software in a classroom setting breaks down a huge barrier for many of our clients,” adds Chesebrough.

Housed inside 2,100 square feet at the DSBN Academy in St. Catharines, the Educational Research and Innovation Hub is supporting ten original start-up companies. The collaborative atmosphere of the iHub promotes discussion, idea sharing and creativity amongst educators, researchers, graduate students, entrepreneurs and education technology companies.

The iHub is a partnership between the DSBN and Brock University and is the first educational technology incubator in North America to be located inside a K-12 school facility.