Five Year Period Reveals Upward Trend in Student Success

The Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) released results of the Grade 9 math assessments written by students in the 2014-15 school year.

Overall, 78% of students taking Academic courses met or exceeded the provincial standard, which is a 3 percentage point decline from the previous year’s results. However, the five year trend shows that success rates for students enrolled in Academic courses increased 5 points over the 2010-11 results.

Students taking Applied courses increased their success rate 1 point over the 2013-14 results, and 9 percentage points over the 2010-11 results. Overall, 45% of students in Applied courses students met or exceeded the provincial standard on the test.

The provincial standard is measured as Level 3 on a 4 point scale, which is roughly equivalent to a ‘B’ grade.

Helen McGregor, DSBN Superintendent of Education, said the DSBN recognizes that math is an area of concern across the province and has directed additional resources over the years to support student learning in this critical area. “While there may be fluctuations in the success rates from year to year, we are very encouraged that results over the long term continue to trend upward. It is the result of hard work by students and staff alike,” said McGregor.

“While the results of the EQAO give us important information about overall trends, it is important to recognize that all students are individuals with their own strengths and needs,” said Warren Hoshizaki, DSBN Director of Education. “We are very proud of our dedicated teachers who work diligently to support the unique needs of each student to help them become successful in school.”

This year’s release is somewhat different in years past as there are no provincial results available. This is due to labour action which prevented students at several school boards from participating.