Students Strive for a Million

It's going to be a week filled with ones and zeros!

During Computer Science Education Week (Dec 7-11), students across the District School Board of Niagara are on track to collectively spend over one million minutes coding. The Hour of Code is a global movement to introduce students to the fundamentals of computer science.

“Our goal for the is to have 17,000 students from 100 DSBN schools participate in the Hour of Code,” says Dino Miele, DSBN Chief Information Officer. “From smartphones to tablets and so much more, technology is everywhere in society. Having a solid understanding of these concepts will help prepare students to effectively navigate through the modern world.”

In today’s economy, computing jobs outnumber students graduating in the field by 3-to-1.

Although the Hour of Code may conjure up images of students programming in the various computer languages, Rosemary Jellinck, DSBN Student Achievement Leader, says the event offers much room for creative and fun exercises for students of all ages and experience. “Coding involves problem-solving, critical thinking and collaboration. There are numerous different activities that students can participate in to develop those necessary skills.”

Prizes will be given to the schools with the highest participation rates.

Millions of students in over 180 countries are expected to take part in the Hour of Code.