Grade 6 Students Demonstrate Significant Improvement in Mathematics

EQAO data released today shows Grade 6 students at the DSBN were able to make tremendous gains in the mathematics assessment. Success rates in Grade 6 math increased 12 percentage points over the 2013-14 results. In 2015-16, 59% of Grade 6 students were able to achieve the provincial standard on the EQAO assessment, nine points above the province’s success rate (50%).  

“We are very pleased with the improvement shown in our mathematics results,” said JoAnna Roberto, Superintendent of Curriculum and Student Achievement. “These improvements are a direct result of the hard work of our students, dedicated teachers and leaders.” 

Roberto said the focus on math instruction has been to develop life-long mathematicians that have the confidence, skills and perseverance to be successful. “It’s important for us to go beyond the EQAO. It’s about supporting the teaching and learning agenda that will lead to long-term understanding and success.” 

Some of those initiatives include having Instructional Coaches embedded with schools to support teacher practice and providing more professional development for teachers. To date, over 550 teachers have taken the Math AQ (Additional Qualification) course. The DSBN also continues its practice of providing individualized support for students.  

It is that commitment to looking at the needs of each student that has underpinned the DSBN’s results. “The real key to these improvements in student learning is the effort made by all staff to look at learners as individuals and target specific programs and supports to meet their particular learning needs,” said Warren Hoshizaki, DSBN Director of Education. 

Results in Grade 3 Math improved one percentage point over 2013-14, to a success rate of 70% overall, which is seven points about the provincial rate of 63%. The Board’s Grade 9 Academic Math result increased one point to 79%, while Applied Mathematics dropped two points to 43% overall.  

 2016 EQAO Math Results 

In Grade 3 and 6 Reading and Writing, DSBN students consistently outperformed the provincial success rate. 

 2016 EQAO Reading Results 

Note: Elementary students across Ontario did not write the EQAO in 2014-15.  

The results Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) also reveals that DSBN students are performing above the provincial success rate. In 2015-16, 83% of students were successful on the test, which mirrors their success rate on the previous year’s assessment. The provincial success rate in 2015-16 was 81%. 

The EQAO is just one measure the Board uses to gauge student success. When looked at in conjunction with other forms of evaluation, the Board is able to gain a clearer picture of student achievement and is better able to target supports and programs to guide improvement.  

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