John Dickson Superintendent of Special Education (K-12), Area 5

John Dickson  
Erin DeRosarioext. 54136  

Associated Schools

A.K. Wigg Public School (K-8)
Glynn A. Green Public School (K-8)
John Marshall Public School (K-8)
Martha Cullimore Public School (K-6)
Orchard Park Public School (K-8)

Prince Philip Public School (3-8)
Victoria Public School (K-6)
W.E. Brown Public School (K-8)
Winger Public School (K-8)

System Portfolio

Area 5 Instructional Coaches
Area 5 Meetings and Networks
Areas 1-6 Multi-Disciplinary Special Education Team

FACS Inquiries for Student Demographics
SIP/SEA Ministry Funding and Allocation
Youth Counsellors and Social Workers

Instruction and Learning K-12 

Home Schooling
Instructional Outreach
Mental Health Initiative
Safe Schools/Equity & Inclusion

Special Education Services (K-12)
E.A. Staffing Allocation and Placement
Special Education Staffing Consultation
Pre-school Transitions

Board Committees

Special Education Advisory Council (SEAC) (Lead)