• Jennifer Ajandi

    St. Catharines/NOTL 
    604-33 Leaside Drive
    St Catharines, L2M 4G2


    Secondary Schools:
    Sir Winston Churchill SS

    Elementary Schools:
    Edith Cavell
    Lincoln Centennial
    Power Glen
    Prince Philip

    Jennifer AjandiJennifer AjandiSt. Catharines/NOTL  
  • Sue Barnett

    43 Riverside Drive
    Welland, L3C 5C9
    Sue BarnettSue BarnettWelland  
  • Helga Campbell

    Niagara Falls 
    4889 Armoury St,
    Niagara Falls ON L2E 1S9


    Secondary Schools:
    Stamford Collegiate

    Elementary Schools:
    Heximer Avenue
    Orchard Park
    Rivew View
    Simcoe Street
    Valley Way

    Helga CampbellHelga CampbellNiagara Falls  
  • Lora Campbell

    St. Catharines/NOTL 
    74 Shoreline Drive
    St Catharines, ON L2N 6H7


    Secondary Schools:
    St. Catharines Collegiate

    Elementary Schools:
    DSBN Academy
    Jeanne Sauvé
    Queen Mary
    Pine Grove
    Prince of Wales

    Lora CampbellLora CampbellSt. Catharines/NOTL  
  • Diane Chase

    West Lincoln/Wainfleet 
    13174 Lakeshore Rd RR#2,
    Wainfleet ON L0S 1V0
    Diane ChaseDiane ChaseWest Lincoln/Wainfleet  
  • Linda Crouch

    Niagara Falls 
    3 Glenview Av
    St. Catharines ON L2N 2Z5


    Secondary Schools:
    Governor Simcoe Secondary
    Laura Secord Secondary

    Elementary Schools:
    E.I. McCulley
    Port Weller
    William Hamilton Merritt

    Linda CrouchLinda CrouchSt. Catharines/NOTL  
  • Jonathan Fast

    St. Catharines/NOTL 
    9 Seyval Place R.R. 5,
    Niagara-on-the-Lake ON L0S 1J0


    Secondary Schools:
    Eden High
    Lifetime Learning Centre

    Elementary Schools:
    Burleigh Hill
    Parliament Oak
    Glen Ridge
    St. Davids

    Jonathan FastJonathan FastSt. Catharines/NOTL  
  • Kevin Maves

    Niagara Falls 
    8040 Post Road
    Niagara Falls, ON L2H 2L3


    Secondary Schools:
    A.N.Myer Secondary
    Westlane Secondary

    Elementary Schools:
    James Morden
    John Marhshall
    Kate S Durdan
    Martha Cullimore
    Princess Margaret
    Prince Philip
    John Marshall Public School
    Kate S. Durdan Public School
    Martha Cullimore Public School
    Orchard Park Public School
    Prince Philip Public School
    Princess Margaret Public School
    River View Public School

    Kevin MavesKevin Maves
    Vice Chair
    Niagara Falls  
  • Dale Robinson

    41 Welland Street S
    Thorold, ON L2V 2B6
    Dale RobinsonDale Robinson
  • Dave Schaubel

    Fort Erie/Port Colborne 
    1655 Ott Rd,
    Stevensville ON L0S 150
    Dave SchaubelDave SchaubelFort Erie/Port Colborne  
  • Cheryl Keddy-Scott

    Grimsby/Town of Lincoln 
    3811 Victoria Ave,
    Vineland ON L0R 2C0
    Cheryl ScottCheryl Keddy-ScottGrimsby/Town of Lincoln  
  • Warren HoshizakiWarren HoshizakiDirector of Education and Secretary  

Click here for a printable list of trustees


Like every public school board in Ontario, the District School Board of Niagara (DSBN) is governed by a board of trustees. Trustees are responsible for determining policies and maintaining standards of excellence in education to ensure our students achieve success.  

Committed to Student Success

DSBN Board Trustees advocate for their Communities and their Board as a whole 

Public school trustees are the critical link between communities and school boards. Eleven public school trustees are elected during municipal elections every four years to represent public school supporters in the Region of Niagara and are directly accountable to the 12 communities that make up the jurisdiction of the DSBN.  The current trustees have been elected to serve from Dec. 1, 2014, to Nov. 30, 2018. The trustees meet as a Board on a regular basis and have organized standing committees that also meet on a regular basis.

Working together, trustees:

  • govern and establish policies;   
  • set budgets and govern, through policy, the provision of curriculum, facilities, human and financial resources;  
  • advocate for the needs of their communities, and explain the policies and decisions of the board to residents; and  
  • work with all levels of government to help ensure student success. 

Roles & Responsibilities of Trustees under the Education Act 

There are two specific provisions in the Education Act that outline the duties and powers of School Boards (s. 169.1) and the duties of individual Board members (s. 218.1).  Both of these provisions can be accessed at the following links https://www.ontario.ca/laws/statute/90e02#BK143 and https://www.ontario.ca/laws/statute/90e02#BK200  

In terms of the collective Board, s. 169.1 speaks to the Board’s responsibility to develop and maintain policies and programs that support student achievement and that ensure effective stewardship of resources.  To monitor the learning environment, each school will conduct school climate surveys every two years.  Each Board will create and implement a multi-year plan that includes measures to allocate resources to improve student outcomes and deliver effective and appropriate education to the students.  

In terms of each individual Trustee, the duties of a Board member is outlined in s. 218.1 of the Education Act which states the following:  

Duties of board members

218.1 A member of a board shall,

(a) carry out his or her responsibilities in a manner that assists the board in fulfilling its  duties under this Act, the regulations and the guidelines issued under this Act, including but not limited to the board’s duties under section 169.1; 

(b) attend and participate in meetings of the board, including meetings of board committees of which he or she is a member; 

(c) consult with parents, students and supporters of the board on the board’s multi-year plan under clause 169.1 (1) (f);  

(d) bring concerns of parents, students and supporters of the board to the attention of the board; 

(e) uphold the implementation of any board resolution after it is passed by the board;  

(f) entrust the day to day management of the board to its staff through the board’s director of education; 

(g) maintain focus on student achievement and well-being; and 

(h) comply with the board’s code of conduct.  2009, c. 25, s. 25. 

This section clearly states that day to day operations of the Board are entrusted to staff through the Director of Education.  While Trustees collective focus is student achievement and stewardship of monies, it is possible individual Trustees may disagree on how to achieve these goals.  However, once a collective decision has been made, each individual Trustee under s. 218.1(e) must uphold the implementation of any Board resolution after it is passed by the Board.  

All mail correspondence to all trustees can be sent to 191 Carlton Street, St. Catharines, ON  L2R 7P4.  


Trustee Group 

Student Trustees

 Emily Hilborn, Stamford Collegiate
 Amal Qayum, Westlane Secondary School




The DSBN has two student trustees and they serve an important role for the District School Board of Niagara. They represent the voice of students in decisions about education in Niagara, and they help keep students informed about important decisions that affect them.

The Student Trustees meet monthly with student representatives from each of our secondary schools as part of the Student Trustee Senate. They also attend the regular public Board meetings and sever as DSBN representatives at the Provincial Student Trustee meetings.