The D.S.B.N. is committed to student success by working together to inspire, empower, and support all learners to achieve their full potential.


Achieving Success Together

Our Core Values

Respect Relationships Responsibility
We will: We will: We will:
  • Value everyone’s contribution towards student success;
  • Acknowledge and celebrate the diversity, dignity, success and worth of all individuals;
  • Embrace environmental stewardship.
  • Build a culture of co-operation, collaboration, trust and respect;
  • Expand our educational community by fostering partnerships among students, staff, family and community;
  • Implement a healthy balanced lifestyle and foster wellness;
  • Strengthen a culture that supports and celebrates success and innovation.
  • Provide a caring, inclusive, safe and healthy learning and working environment;
  • Model good citizenship and promote global awareness
  • Utilize our resources wisely and efficiently;
  • Promote creative and critical thinking for life-long learners;
  • Share and implement best practices and innovative approaches that enhances student achievement.

Strategic Priorities

Student Growth 

  • Promote and embed DSBN core values, character education attributes and life skills
  • Ensure consistency in our evaluation and assessment practices
  • Improve achievement in literacy and numeracy, including developing and closing the gap strategies
  • Enhance teaching and learning strategies to meet diverse student needs

Staff Growth 

  • Promote personal and professional growth for all staff
  • Provide purposeful leadership and mentoring programs
  • Enhance the effective use of learning communities

System Growth 

  • Align and communicate system direction to improve student learning
  • Cultivate community partnerships and enhance their access
  • Continually improve the well being and safety of students and staff