Eco Schools

Ontario EcoSchools has been designed to help school boards and schools play their part in responding to one
of the great challenges of our time: the increasingly urgent need to live more sustainably.

EcoSchools’ benefits – both economical and environmental - are as great as you make them. The program is streamlined to appeal to busy administrators and teachers who know the value of student involvement and parental support. It is designed for success, encouraging participants to prioritize actions based on the Board’s and its schools’ needs and resources: its hallmark is start small and do it well.

At the level of the individual school, staff members are encouraged to build their EcoSchools program by selecting the parts of the program which interest them most.
Schools are also encouraged to be creative by adding their ideas to make the EcoSchools program uniquely their own.

A growing number of DSBN schools have been using these resources and become certified EcoSchools.

The District School Board of Niagara currently has 40 Eco Schools.

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DSBN EcoSchools 2009 - 2010