A-18 Environmental Sustainability (PDF)

DSBN Environmental Sustainability Committee


To provide an opportunity for departments to communicate and coordinate initiatives related to Environmental Education and Sustainability.

  • The District School Board of Niagara (DSBN) recognizes the interdependence of the environment, the economy and society,
    and the challenge of balancing all three in building a healthy, sustainable future.

  • The DSBN believes in the concept of sustainable development as defined by the United Nations World Commission of Environment and Development and meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

    The DSBN is committed to meeting the following objectives for environmental sustainability:

  • Promoting teaching and learning about environmental issues and solutions.

  • Engaging students and staff to participate actively in practicing and promoting environmental stewardship both in the
    school and in the community.

  • Providing leadership by implementing and promoting responsible environmental practices throughout the education system
    so that students, staff, parents, and community members become dedicated to living more sustainably.

  • Creating/promoting a strong culture of environmental sustainability.
  • Development of a Board wide plan for environmental sustainability including actions and Timelines.
  • Ensure all Practices are environmental sustainability.

Who we are:

Our committee and its work reports to Carol Germyn.

Area 1 administrator: Gary King

Area 2 administrator: Kristin Kosh

Area 3 administrator: Michael Herfst

Area 4 administrator: Susan Lawrence

Area 5 administrator: Carol Purcer Chair)

Colin Munro: Manager of Operations

Doug Durant: Manager of Projects & Maintenance

Kim Yielding: Manager Communications and Public Relations, DSBN

Tony Piunno: Chair - Employee Energy Conservation Committee, DSBN

Doug Durant: Plant Services Controller, DSBN

Colin Munro: Manager of Operations, Plant Services DSBN

Henri Ragetlie: Purchasing Services Administrator, DSBN

Sean Hanna: Science and Technology Consultant, DSBN

Ailene Fournier: Waste Reduction Co-ordinator


  • Creation of DSBN Environmental Sustainability Policy

  • Coordinating and supporting DSBN Earth Hour Initiative

  • Promoting DSBN Environmental Initiatives with community members and Niagara Eco-fest

  • Providing feedback and input as various departments develop administrative procedures

  • Supporting DSBN EcoSchools celebration events

  • Implementing many of the strategies outlined in the Ministry of Education Policy Framework on Environmental Education “Acting Today, Shaping Tomorrow”


Our committee meets 6-7 times during the school year . We invite suggestions for possible agenda items and presentations that promote Environmental Sustainability. Suggestions can be forwarded through any member of the committee to one of our co-chairs.