French Immersion


Is it possible for my child to enter French Immersion at a later grade?
DSBN has a single entry program with French Immersion starting only in Grade 1. 

In what language does the school communicate information to parents/guardians about a child’s progress?
All communication to parents/guardians is in English.

What if my child experiences difficulty in French Immersion?
Children who have difficulty learning to read in English may also have difficulty learning to read in French. The Learning Resource Teacher (LRT) may be consulted and the school team will decide upon a plan of action to offer the necessary support.

Do French Immersion students receive support if they require special programming?
Yes. Students have access to all of the program supports that are available in the DSBN in order to receive an education that is tailored to their specific needs.

What if we transfer or move to another district or province?
A full directory of programs available across Canada is published by Canadian Parents for French.

Is transportation provided
YES, transportation is provided.
The eligibility for transportation for French Immersion students is the same for all students within the District School Board of Niagara. The eligibility distance for transportation for Grades 1 - 8 is 1.6 kilometres or greater from the student’s residence to the French Immersion home school.

Transportation information will be available online
by mid-August