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Social Sciences and Humanities (9-12)

social science

The Place of Social Science and Humanities in the Curriculum
The discipline of social sciences and humanities in the Ontario secondary school curriculum encompasses four subject areas: family studies, general social science, philosophy, and world religions.

Family Studies - is an interdisciplinary subject area integrating social and physical sciences in the study of topics arising from daily life, including the study of the individual and family development, relationships,parenting, decision-making, resource management, food and nutrition, clothing and textiles, housing, and health sciences.
Social Sciences - focus on the contributions made by anthropology, psychology, and sociology to an understanding of human behaviour.
Philosophy - applies creative and critical thinking tools to fundamental questions about human nature; personal and social responsibilities; good and evil; the nature of human knowledge; social justice; how science, art, and religion are related.
World Religions - introduces students to an exploration of religions around the world, and provide them with an awareness of the nature, place, and function of religion in diverse societies.