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Communication & Collaboration Tools - FirstClass

Creating an Online Educational Community

At one time we "faced a hydra that defies any easy solution."
Information and Communication Technologies makes communication of information and data easier, faster, more efficient, more accurate, and singular. The term singular means: “one-stop-shopping.” There needs to one place that all stakeholders go to meet their needs, whether it be to email a parent, book a room, check a student’s record of attendance, search for a document, set a meeting date, plan a field trip or simply view a school’s calendar.
FirstClass offers a Communication and Collaboration Platform that can create an Online Educational Community.
This echoes the direction taking place in industry to use web-based technologies. The point-and-click interaction of the web browser has become second nature to even those formerly uncomfortable with technology. Web-based technologies have also proven themselves in terms of ease of upgrades and consistency.

It is hoped that FirstClass will expand to include the whole community: students, staff, parents and community partners.