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The Project

Sky's The Limit

This project represents an extraordinary opportunity for teachers and students to come together from a variety of schools, with a variety of skills, to achieve success together. The specific goal is to show how education within the DSBN embodies character education while moving student learning forward in a variety of ways. The initial encouragement for this collaborative project came from Warren Hoshizaki, Director of Education, DSBN, and we embraced the opportunity.

We embraced the opportunity to bring together technology and the arts to produce music and video. Along the way, many of our students learned about the pieces that work together to make the whole of a music video coming up with a concept, holding auditions, creating story boards, rehearsing parts, and arranging for the lighting, sound, filming, and editing. Two of our students have created a "Making of..." ?video, in which they tell the story of the making of The Sky's the Limit.

We embraced the opportunity to bring together several of our DSBN graduates. We thank them for their eagerness in giving back to the school board that helped them to hone their skills and pursue their passions. Please check out their bios for an indication of the kinds of things they've accomplished since graduating.

Special thanks go to:

  • Singer/Songwriter: Michael Wainwright (Lakeport Secondary, 1992)
  • Cinematographer/ Director of Photography: Mark Klassen (Eden High, 2011)
  • Video Director: Nick Mirka (Laura Secord Secondary, 2003)
  • Audio Technician: Drew Williams (Eden High, 2003)
  • Camera Operator: Mike Enns (Eden High, 1999)

Several of our schools have already made arrangements to invite these alumni into their classes to create video, to sing together, to understand the song-writing and video-making processes, and to talk about the recording, music and film industries.

Finally, we embraced the opportunity of bringing students from different schools together.

Thanks go to

Sky's The Limit
  • Crossroads Public School
  • Prince Philip Public School, Niagara Falls
  • Winger Public School
  • Eden High School
  • E.L.Crossley Secondary
  • Laura Secord Secondary School
  • St. Catharines Collegiate Secondary School
  • Welland Centennial Secondary

One of the neat things about this project was the way it brought together the full range of age groups served by the DSBN from our youngest learners to our graduating students. Though the ages of the students ranged from four to eighteen, and though some were there to sing, some to throw, some to march, some to read, they all worked together beautifully. We thank our students for the encouragement, kindness and perseverance they showed throughout the project.

Sky's The Limit
Billy Sadler - Lead Singer
Grade 11, Laura Secord Secondary School

After several auditions, Billy Sadler's rock-style voice and an incredible vocal range won him the spot of lead singer. Billy brought stage presence to the project and a capacity to work within tight timelines. As importantly, he embodied the traits that character education in DSBN is all about - respect, responsibility, and cooperation.

Emily Ham - Visual Artist
Grade 12, Eden High School

Emily not only agreed to paint for us, but had a strong idea of what Sky's the Limit meant to her and how she could portray it. Her creative vision, skill and perseverance gave us powerful work of art. We are grateful for Emily's willingness to share her gifts, and for allowing us to hang the painting at the Education Centre to remind us of the good things that are possible when people believe that the Sky's the Limit.