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Mark Klassen

Mark Klassen, Cinematographer, Director of Photography
Mark Klassen is a Toronto based Freelance Cinematographer who was born and raised in Niagara, ON. Mark spent his entire educational career at DSBN, starting off at Vineland Public School for his elementary years, followed by his time at Eden High School for grades 9 through 12. At a young age Mark realized his passion for film and took every opportunity to pursue his passion. Over the years he has refined his skill-set and has been on projects associated with Pixar, NFL, and Canon along with many other reputable brands. Mark gives back to others through volunteering his time and creating film for organizations such as MedWish International and Raising the Village. Currently Mark is working on developing his portfolio and continuing to learn as much as possible while working on set and having fun. Who knows, maybe one day you'll see his work on a hollywood film. You can see more of his work online at www.markaklassen.com

Nick Mirka

Nick Mirka, Video Director
Born and raised in St. Catharines, Ontario, by two lovely parents, Nick is the eldest of four kids and was a constant dreamer. Since elementary school he’s been immersed in The Arts – starting with writing his own comics and taking to the stage in various musicals at Grapeview Public School. His high school years at Laura Secord only fueled his passion to act and write, and introduced him to a new love of music, where he mediocrely contributed to choirs and bands – at least had fun doing it. His attraction to film brought him to the International Academy of Design and Technology (which really is just a fancy way of saying he attended a film school in Toronto on the 7th floor of the CBC building). There, the attraction turned to a life-long love, as film & video became his desired choice for storytelling. Now back in Niagara, Nick habituates with his better half, Kristin, where he balances selling real estate with his father and establishing his video company, Mitchell Reilly Pictures http://www.mrp.tv.

Michael Wainwright

Michael Wainwright, Singer/Songwriter
Like many British rockers before him, Michael was born in a working class town - in his case, Warrington, England outside of, you guessed it, Liverpool. But then, his story took a different direction when his family moved to Canada, albeit to yet another working class town, St. Catharines, Ontario. There, he began writing his own songs and honing his skills by performing in the cover band, Flat Broke, while attending Lakeport Secondary School in DSBN. Once Michael graduated from high school, he joined the local Beatles Tribute Band, The Caverners, as John Lennon.

Michael's music grabbed the attention of Los Angeles-based producer Charlton Pettus. Signing with Pettus' indie label Town Records in 2008 led to the release of his self-titled CD, Michael Wainwright. Revolutionary illustrator and graphic entertainer Alan Aldridge (Elton John, The Beatles, Rolling Stones) designed the cover.

From his first release came these notable music licenses: "Can't Believe My Eyes," "Across The World" and "World To Bring Me Down" were featured in the film Moving McAllister starring Mila Kunis and John Heder; Spike TV's Blue Mountain State aired the song "Last Goodbye" and "Another Chance"; NBC's Las Vegas used "Across The World"; EA Sports' The Sims 2 translated his song to "Keebalork Ma Zibs," which in Simlish, of course, means "Can't Believe My Eyes."

In 2009, Michael was offered the opportunity to perform as the opening act and background singer for Tears For Fears. He has since toured with them around Southeast Asia, Australia, South America and multiple times throughout the U.S.

Michael has emerged as a unique multi-media artist strongly influenced by his British roots. His storyteller's heart allows him to write poignant songs that people can easily relate to.

His latest album, The Circus Is Coming To Town, is an eclectic mix of melodic confessions, featuring the single Heart-Shaped Man, written by Roland Orzabal of Tears for Fears. Currently, Michael is residing in Los Angeles, working on his third album while performing throughout California michaelwainwright.ca.

Drew Williams

Drew Williams, Sound Recording.
Is a homegrown audio engineer who truly has the DSBN in his blood. He attended Prince Philip Public School in St.Catharines from K-6, and then journeyed around the block to Dalewood for 7-8. At Eden High School he developed a keen interest in the arts, particularly music. He attributes the fostering of these passions to excellent teaching and mentorship along the way. His high school music teacher David Braun was very 'instrumental' in pushing Drew to think about what his future with music could look like.

After high school, Drew graduated with honors from the Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology, which led to employment in the television industry. During this time, he began compiling the equipment and software necessary to create a recording studio of his own. W Sound Inc. was born in 2011 and since then, Drew has worked on a variety of projects both locally and throughout Southern Ontario. These have included Degrassi Season 12, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, The Teachable Project, a live recording of The Mark Lalama Trio and numerous other recording and commercial contracts.

Drew was honored to be a part of the "Sky's the Limit" project, which brought him back to his DSBN roots and enabled him to reconnect with some of his early mentors. www.wsound.ca

Mike Enns

Mike Enns, Camera Operator
Mike is an independent filmmaker and musician born and raised in St. Catharines, ON. As a child, his creativity was channeled mostly through music, completing Royal Conservatory Grade 8 piano before picking up the guitar at the age of 14. During Grade 10, at Eden High School, Mike played bass in a school band - this helped bridge the gap between music theory and what he actually enjoyed listening to.  In addition, it provided a new found hope and belief to keep pursuing his passion as it became the tool for Mike to express his ideas and better fit into his educational surroundings.

After graduating, Mike considered several employment options before accepting an apprenticeship offer at Fairview Louth Church (now Southridge Community Church) in which he would help to develop a media department. What started out as a gut feeling and a part-time position soon grew into a career. Mike spent 10 years at Southridge Community Church overseeing it's media department before starting his own company, Enns Visuals (www.ennsvisuals.com),in 2010. He has worked for clients including OPSBA (theteachableproject.org), YMCA Canada, TD Financial, Niagara Health and Twenty Valley Tourism Association, bringing a fresh and creative perspective to his projects. Currently, Mike is returning to his musical roots by playing in a few bands and filming more live music performances. 

Early in Mike's video career at Southridge, 12-year-old Mark Klassen stumbled into a mid-week video meeting - he had found his passion and niche as well.  It was clear that if given the opportunity, Mark's skill and self-confidence would produce outstanding results.  And it did. Years later, Mike admits that he is now the one asking Mark for advice.

Mike lives in the Niagara region with his wife of ten years, Jessica, and their two kids.

"Being a part of Sky's The Limit has been a breath of fresh air! I am inspired by the confidence that the DSBN has shown in a group of young, passionate entrepreneurs - all working together in sound recording, directing, lighting, filming and editing to create the video. It is encouraging to see how education has evolved and I'm excited for my own two children to have countless opportunities to reach their potential. Thank you DSBN."